Before You Follow

>do not follow only for system/mental health content
>please don't follow for discourse or if your main account is discourse/syscourse focused
>please dm if you unfollow/sb so that i remember and respect your space, i will never ever make drama about it
>don't fakeclaim me for using first person language or for not talking about systemhood constantly, i am a three dimensional person and my mental illness is not my only personality trait
>please tag self harm , sexual assault , car accidents , the holocaust , and death of family members/animals

Do Not Interact

>general criteria (you know the type)
>lgbtq exclus, "rad-inclus", anti-mogai, "nonbinary skeptic"
>syscourse accounts (unless it's a side account and i follow first
>pluralgang , endos , tulpas , supporters (my opinion on this is irrelevant i do not want you interacting with me