General info

>adult (august 5th)
>it/its pronouns (they/them if youre cis or a stranger)
>very very dorky but in an alt way
>dissociative, autistic, schizoaffective, ocd, depressed
>leftist (anarchist, mutualist)
>always learning to be a better person
>i use tone tags! please use them for me as well
>i/me/my and we/us/our are used interchangably
>ask for discord/steam/LoL username

System info

>system of 16+
>some posts are signed, most are not
>most posts are made by system hosts
>we don't know or think about who's fronting most of the time
>i am not a sysmed. do not even think about calling me that for not wanting to be around misinformation and toxic positivity

Comfort Characters

please do not interact if you hate these characters!!

>fox mulder (x-files)
>jschlatt (smp live/lunch club era)
>ice bear (we bare bears)
>bmo (adventure time)
>judah (bojack horseman)